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The gong is an ancient musical instrument which can help to rebalance us on all levels. A Healing Gong Bath is a therapeutic and relaxing experience during which you are bathed in sound waves which can help to release blocked energies. You simply lie down on a mat with a pillow under your head covered up with a blanket and then close your eyes and relax. Most people drift into a deep meditative state and at the end of the session feel relaxed and rebalanced.

All Welcome. Come along and find out more about T’ai Chi,
Chinese Health Arts and the Gentle Movements of Life

  • Beginners Courses
  • Mixed ability courses
  • Mixed ability courses

6 week T’ai Chi course Thursday 20th October – 24th November
10.30am – 12.00 (1½ hours)
£50.00 for the 6 weeks

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Light Baths

We begin the day with some teaching and meditation.

The rest of the day is devoted to working with the healing rays of the selected Archangels.

All are welcome, however, it is advisable to have already attended a Level One workshop to fully benefit from the Light Bath Healing Days

Numbers are limited to 10 participants. We set up treatment couches in my healing centre and connect those present with the wonderful lessons and healing, that these Archangels embody. 

It will be a divine Light Bath of the rays of the Archangels.
Click on the website link for more information and bookings. website
Archangel Workshops

These 2-day Archangel workshops are unique with very small numbers (usually about 6—8) so that all may benefit from Denise’s personal attention.
All may benefit from her individual healings which are always given several times during each of the workshops.
The workshops have been organised into 20 levels. You may attend as many levels as you wish—simply attending Level 1 will greatly enrich your life!

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